Our plant laboratory information and management system (PLIMS®) not only allows you to visualize all relevant data, but also gives you the opportunity to plan the next steps and perform initial analyses using our phenotyping options.


  • Light according to intensity, spectrum and duration.
  • Determine temperature by value (+/- 1K) and progression.
  • Specify air humidity per cent.
  • Determine the duration or amount of watering or irrigation.
  • Microclimate control by ventilation.


Observe critical values that our sensors measure for you. Document the growth by means of automated imaging processes and take advantage of our plant tracking system.


Store process plans with which it is possible to assign all settings precisely to a point in time. Document processes to make them available for repetition or to improve them. Assign process changes to a phenotype by using our optional imaging procedures.



Track every single one of your test plants and record your status without effort with our PL Plant logger. We simplify the handling of a large number of experimental plants and thus enable reliable conclusions to be drawn. Both barcodes and RFID chipsets can be used.


  • Management over 10.000 plants
  • RFID or Barcode option
  • Database (PLIMS)
  • Data Export (.csv, .xls, .pdf)
  • Customized options available