Light Solutions

Light is crucial for plant growth and propagation, it is the key growth factor, completely under control of our customers.


We offer LED-systems with a performance equivalent to sunlight: covering a spectral range from 265 to 800 nm and intensity up to 1500 µmol/s/m² in standard ASTM G173.

Tuneable Light

GND’s light solutions provides full control of light conditions in 10 bit resolution. You can monitor and regulate specific wavelengths automatically or manually via the user interface. This enables you to adjust specifically-defined wavelengths continuously. Control the LED intensity in %, Watt/m², Watt/cm² and PAR/μ mol/(m²s).

Cloud Sensor

Our cloud sensor measures light scenarios and makes the result easily transferable. Log light data in the field or in the greenhouse and reproduce the results in your C.U.B.E. as your light recipe. Automatically adjust the brightness with cloud sensor (ASTM G173). All recorded data is made available via a PLIMS.

Light Recipes

Define your own lighting recipes. Store your own spectra, intensities and daily progressions and easily switch between them. Define the perfect light recipe for a culture and combine it with your fertilization and irrigation recipes.


Our customized UV light for specific plants allows plants to accumulate more protective antioxidants to ward off disease and improve the taste, texture and color of harvested products.


The integration of light sources is achieved by our shared design without loss of space in the growth area. Our systems are user-friendly and compatible with all crop sizes.


The toplights can be adjusted in angle and height adapting to growth. Our toplight mounts are compatible with our cultivation systems and can be used for our tables and multi-level rack systems.


Integrated lighting systems do not restrict the workspace or growth area of plants. They are configured in such a way that all performances offered with our lamps also can be integrated. Our integrated solutions include our multi-level rack systems.