Nutrition Solutions

Water Tank

The center of our water and fertilizer solution is our water tank system, which can be realized in various sizes starting from 1000 to 10,000 l (264 – 2641 gallons). The tank is used to pre-treat the water. Depending on the origin of your irrigation water, the water is disinfected and purified at this point and the pH value is adjusted. In the next step, our fertilizer solution provides the nutrient solution that your plants need.

Water purifying

Our goal is to keep the nutrient solution constantly clean. We ensure that there is no accumulation of pollutants or pathogens in your system. We use filters and clarifiers specially matched to each other and guarantee a clean nutrient solution at all times.

Automatic water replenishment

At a low water level in your tank, the system is automatically refed and readjusted by means of our online measurement of pH and EC. The previously saved values are called up, and a new nutrient solution based on this data is set.

Online nutrient measurement

Being constantly informed about the condition of the nutrient solution allows you to be sure that your plants are doing well. We realize the inline measurement of pH and EC values and optionally offer the possibility to measure specific nutrient salts (N,P,K etc.).

pH Up and Down

Our nutrition hardware is able to realize a stable pH-value and EC-value of your nutrient solution. The correct pH value in the root area is crucial for optimal nutrient uptake. This prevents deficiencies and diseases and ensures excellent plant quality.

Nutrition control

The right amount of water and nutrients at the right time means that the valuable nutrients are used as effectively as possible. We implement systems that control independently, i.e. you can define a target value and our system controls and holds it. All data is represented by PLD.

Fertilizing Units

Our fertiliser stations can operate in the irrigation system at various points. Our smallest unit is able to dose for one rack level our largest unit doses the nutrient solution in our largest tank with 10,000 l volume. The standard version can dose up to 4 different additives. Our largest plant can handle 12 of them.