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Grow on Demand the next step in vertical farming

Slide Grow on Demand The GND Solutions GmbH develops, produces and advises on biotechnological solutions for horticultural, pharmaceutical and scientific cultivation of plants of all kinds, from algae to ornamental plants and biotechnological methods from in vitro procedures to somatic embryogenesis. Our competent team accompanies all steps of a realization from the plant production to the turnkey solution. We provide the turnkey solutions needed to offer Grow on Demand services.

Food Secure your success by effective development of the vertical and produce with the systems of the GND Solutions GmbH on several levels parallel with the same qualitative success. As a biosystem integrator the quality, the environment and the precision of our cultivation systems and processes are the focus of our work. Most effective enrichment leads to best freshness in terms of aroma, taste and texture of your products.

Pharmaceuticals To produce phytogenic raw materials in repeatedly constant quality is a special challenge which we at GND Solutions GmbH have taken up and for which we can offer plant engineering solutions. Your requirement profile is our mission, we achieve with our technologies the most diverse requirements of a regulated production. We support our customers from the beginning until the operation of their turnkey GND systems.

Science The technical solutions of the GND Solutions GmbH meet the most diverse requirements of all sciences which put plants in the center of their investigation. We ensure your scientific results by a complete growth factor control which includes exposure, fertilization/irrigation and air conditioning of your experiments. We have a solution for your experimental question from algae to ornamental plants.

Slide GACP & cGxP
ISO 16128 & 22716
ISO 14000 ff
ISO 9000 ff
GND Quality standards Whether vertical farming, horticulture, science or guideline compliant phytopharmaceutical production, our holistic engineering services combine all growth factors in one system. Our expertise allows our customers to optimize their processes in terms of process reliability, quality and, above all, the targeted increase of targeted plant ingredients.

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